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Health and Wellbeing

We are well aware of how important it is to safeguard our health and wellbeing, whether in the workplace or the family and community. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer you support in four main ways:

  • Access to a growing set of articles and blog posts about health and wellbeing;
  • Access to free learning resources;
  • Information about a sophisticated health and wellbeing platform;
  • The opportunity to buy top-quality learning resources.


The importance of health and wellbeing in the workplace is increasingly being recognised, but many organisations are struggling to get it right. Vigoroom is a sophisticated online platform offering over 1,000 high-quality expert-produced resources, including videos. e-learning courses, workouts, challenges and much more, all tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

Employers genuinely committed to promoting employee wellness can make the service available to their staff for a small monthly fee per eligible employee per month. Improved health and wellbeing can enhance engagement and productivity and reduce sickness absence and staff turnover. Staff will appreciate the investment being made in them and – given the money-saving benefits of the service – that investment is likely to pay dividends.

To find out you and your organisation can benefit, visit the Vigoroom website now!

The service can also be made available to individual subscribers at just £8.99 per month.