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There’s a good chance you’re already familiar with Jimmy D. Brown. After all, he’s been making a living online for 15 years now.

A lot of “marketing experts” have come and gone in that time, but Jimmy is still here, and he’s still making money. His methods have put multiple millions into his bank account, which has allowed him more time to devote to his ministry, his family, and his hobbies (such as running and traveling).

So what can Jimmy teach you about running a successful business online? Quite a bit, as it turns out. Take a look…

Question: How is it that you’re still making money online while so many others have fizzled out?

Jimmy: God has really blessed my business. What I also see is that plenty of online business owners chase after marketing trends and fads. These things will eventually stop working. And so the marketer needs to find a new way to bring in traffic.

The reason my business has endured is because I focus on time-tested methods. For example, using affiliates and joint venture partners to bring in traffic worked 10 years ago, it works today, and it will work 10 years from now too.

So what’s the best way to make money online? 

Jimmy: There is no “one size fits all” answer here, because your different skills, experiences and preferences will all contribute to how well you do with a specific business model.

However, I’ve found that one of the best ways to make money online is to create and sell information products. The products are easy to create, the business has very low overhead, and you can sell these products for hundreds of dollars.

What are the keys to running a profitable information-marketing business?

Jimmy: Ahh, this is literally the million dollar question. I’ve actually created an entire course just based on this question. But for now, let me hit the highlights…

First, do your market research. There is no use spending a lot of time and money setting up a business and creating products if there is no demand for that product. So find out what people in your niche are already buying, and then create something similar yet better. (E.G., build a better mousetrap.)

Secondly, set up a sales funnel. Your funnel may start with a lead page, where you offer a free product in exchange for an email address. Then on the backend you can sell a variety of products and services at different price points. Be sure to create premium products ($97 and up) as well as residual income offers (such as membership sites).

Third, learn everything you can about customer acquisition. This includes generating targeted traffic as well as converting these visitors into cash-paying customers. You’ll also want to focus on turning one-time buyers into repeat customers (this is where you promote the other products in your sales funnel).

Fourth, start tracking and testing your sales letters, ads and campaigns. The goal is to increase your conversion rate so that you can make more money for every visitor who clicks through to your site.

Fifth, increase your profits on every transaction. This includes offering upsells, cross-sells and one-time offers to those who are making a purchase.

Sixth, develop relationships with people. People do business with those they know, like and trust, so build relationships with your prospects, customers and joint venture partners.

Seventh, learn how to do more in less time. This includes time management as well as learning to outsource and delegate.