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Some people say using PLR content is a waste of time – but those are probably the same people who use it straight out of the box without any tweaks.

Problem is, a whole lot of other people are doing the exact same thing. If you want to use content without making revisions, then you should be looking at resell rights content.  But if you’re buying PLR content, then you can and should modify the content to make it yours and to create a unique product.

TIP: Before you begin modifications, be sure to read your PLR license terms to see what you can and cannot do with the content.

The good news is that it doesn’t take that much time and effort to create something that’s pretty unique. Just use the following tips and tricks…

Write New Intros and Conclusions

Ever notice that even if the content is good overall, the intros and conclusions tend to be fairly yawn-inducing? You’ll spice up your entire article, report or other piece of content simply by writing a new intro and conclusion.

TIP: Use your introduction to get people excited about what’s coming in the rest of the content. Drop hints, promise benefits and arouse curiosity. Just be sure your content delivers on whatever you promised in the introduction.

Mix and Match Pieces

Here’s one of the easiest ways to create something entirely unique. Just purchase multiple pieces of content on the same topic, and then use them to create something new. For example:

  • Compile a set of articles to create a report.
  • Turn each chapter of an ebook into a report.
  • Take a few chapters out of several different ebooks and reports to create an entirely new ebook.

Just be sure to put transitions between the mix and matched pieces so that it all flows smoothly.


Change Formats

This is a really nifty way to create something unique, because you’ll be selling something the other PLR license holders don’t have.

Here are a few examples of changing formats:

  • Turn an ebook into a video.
  • Turn a video into a webinar.
  • Turn a digital report into a physical product.
  • Turn a report into the curriculum for an online course.


Add In Tips, Examples and Personal Stories

If you want to make a product really unique, then add in personal examples, tips you’ve learned by doing something yourself and personal stories. This instantly adds value to any PLR product, it makes the product more enjoyable to read, and the personal touch also bonds your customers to you.

And finally…

Create Some Relevant Tools

The idea here is to insert something that will be useful to those reading the PLR content. Examples include:

  • Infographics
  • Mind maps
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Charts

…And anything else that enhances the content.

For example, if you’re selling a PLR report on household budgeting, you might include a worksheet for helping people get out of debt.

Here’s the Bottom Line…

Tweaking PLR is really a quick and easy way to create a unique and high-value product to sell. Of course you don’t even have to do this yourself if you don’t want to – just hire a freelance writer to do it for you. But either way, just be sure you make your PLR content unique. It’s one of the best ways to instantly get rid of your competition – try it for yourself and see!